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Player Equipment List

Recommended and required gear for all levels of baseball and softball


  • recommended at all levels. The league will provide bats for players who do not bring their own
  • bat regulations and guidelines can be found on the PLL website (here)
  • please read the regulations! There are a lot of bats out there that are not certified for use in Little League

Batting Helmet

  • required at all levels
  • Coach Pitch, Rookies Baseball, and all levels of softball must have a face cage installed on the helmet
  • a "C-flap" is NOT a face cage and cannot be used as a substitute for a face cage
  • if your helmet has a C-flap (Minors or Intermediate Baseball), it must be designed specifically for that model of helmet. Third-party attachments are not acceptable


  • required at all levels
  • remember, it goes on the non-throwing hand


  • cleats are recommended, but not required. They do not need to be baseball/softball-specific
  • sneakers are fine
  • sandals and rain/snow boots are not permitted
  • no metal spikes


  • players are provided a jersey and cap
  • Baseball players should wear gray baseball pants (not required for Tee Ball)
  • Softball players should wear black pants

Protective Cup

  • required of all male catchers
  • strongly recommended for all male players

Fielders Mask (softball)

  • required of all pitchers and infielders (10U, 12U)
  • recommended for fielders (8U)

If you have any questions about purchasing gear, or if doing so will present a hardship for your family, please contact [email protected]
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